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Simrad SonarHub™ Sounder Module

Compact all-in-one module delivers StructureScan HD and CHIRP broadband/traditional narrowband sonar technologies CHIRP delivers improved target resolution and noise rejection, with wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets StructureScan HD offers best-in-class side-scanning range and resolution, plus DownScan Imaging to provide crystal-clear, picture-like views of what’s beneath a boat Support for a wide range of transducers: Broadband 40-60kHz, 85-145kHz, 130-210kHz Narrowband 50kHz, 83kHz, 200kHz CHIRP range up to 1,067m / 3,500ft (transducer dependent), StructureScan HD up to 91m / 300ft Plug-and-play compatibility with Simrad Professional Series NSE, NSO, and NSO evo2 multifunction displays Three built-in Ethernet ports allow connection to multiple Simrad MFDs without an additional networking module Supported by the Simrad Advantage Service program
Compatible with all Simrad NS series multifunction displays, this plug-and-play network solution adds CHIRP/traditional sonar to clearly identify fish targets and accurately chart depth, plus Simrad’s advanced StructureScan HD imaging for a panoramic view of the water column and seafloor. Suitable for fishing vessels, patrol boats, and many other workboats, SonarHub makes it easier than ever to identify productive fishing areas, find anchorages, survey submerged structures, or rapidly eliminate search areas before sending divers into the water.
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