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  • High resolution, large format 640 x 480 thermal imaging payload with powerful zoom optics
  • Daylight/Lowlight CCD-TV with continuous zoom optics
  • Gyro-stabilized
  • Rugged and marinized
  • Autotracker
  • Flexible integration
  • Eye-safe laser rangefinder
  • Three field of view color spotter scope with haze penetration filter
  • It’s all FLIR inside
With its digital architecture and AN/KAX-1 and -2 heritage, the SeaFLIR III provides up to four payloads: thermal imager, daylight/lowlight TV, laser rangefinder, and laser pointer, plus an IMU interface for accurate target location. The SeaFLIR III is fully qualified and proven reliable in operation in the world’s harshest air, land, and maritime environments.
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