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  • Full compatibility with most Walker flush fitting, fixed or retractable speed log sensors and hull fittings.
  • Digital Speed and Distance Run displays by red LED dimmable indicators.
  • Multipoint speed calibration as speeds from up to 60 knots.
  • Removable keypad “calibrator”.
  • Built-in Speed Simulator.
  • NMEA 0183/RS422 and 200 ppnm outputs to other ship systems.
  • Repeater indicators to DIN144 standard (optional).
  • Simple to install, operate and service.
  • EM Speed Log technology drawn from over 30 years’ experience.
Walker 4020 Mk2 is a compact EM Speed Log for smaller vessels MED Type Approved system in a minimal package reducing the size and number of sub-units required.  This results in a smaller, lighter system which is simpler to install. The 4020 combines the electronics unit with the speed and distance indicator in one master unit which may be console or bracket mounted. High reliability sensors, flush fitting, fixed and retractable types housed in hull fittings suitable for various hull materials, such as aluminium alloy, steel, GRP and wood.
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